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Submit Continuing Education

Directorship, like any profession, is dynamic.  Legislation, guidelines, rules, practices and the way in which these are applied in the boardroom change over time.  It is important for any professional to stay current in their knowledge.  This does not exclude professional directors.

The onus is on the graduate to report any ongoing education efforts.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Continuing Education Requirements

When do I receive my Pro.Dir™ designation?

Immediately on passing the certification practicum exam, you are free to use your new designation, Pro.Dir (Professional Director).  You can add it to your business cards, bio, e-mail footer, etc.

What requirements must I meet in order to maintain my Pro.Dir™ certification?

You will be required to undertake 30 hours of approved continuing education in every 3 year period following your certification.  The continuing education must relate directly to the duties and responsibilities of corporate governance and directorship practices. 

How do I submit my hours?

You can complete the Qualifying Continuing Education information here

What qualifies for continuing education?

Generally speaking, attending any governance training conferences, workshops, seminars, and Director continuing education events, as well as reading certain books or periodicals, and taking part in other board development sessions will qualify.

If you come across any particularly good or compelling governance resources that you feel should be added to the approved list, please submit it to the Pro.Dir office for consideration. 

The following provides a list of the programs and books that are currently approved.  We encourage you to submit any other relevant courses and conferences that you’ll be participating in for approval as continuing education.

Qualifying Continuing Education includes:

  1. Any governance course, seminar, workshop, forum, conference or other advanced education event provided by the following approved providers to the Pro.Dir. office:
    • Governance Solutions Inc.
    • Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy
    • University of Regina
    • University of Saskatchewan
    • The Directors College
    • The Institute of Corporate Directors
    • The Conference Board of Canada
    • Government of Saskatchewan through its Ministries of Health, Advanced Education and Education
  2. The following reading materials are included for qualifying continuing education credits:
    • Governance/directorship periodicals or related articles published by any of the above listed course providers
    • Any governance related book
  3. If the board you serve on has an outside governance expert attend and provide a customized governance training session or course to it, the time you spend in that session qualifies.