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The Professional Director Certification Program®

The Professional Director Certification Program® is a board of directors training program that develops board governance expertise by ensuring that board directors have the skills, knowledge, attitude, and capabilities to fully contribute to the pursuit of excellence.  

- To develop and implement a multi-tiered program that meets the training and development needs of aspiring and experienced directors
- To improve the confidence and capabilities of directors in their governance practices
- To ensure a solid understanding of the fiduciary duties of directors
- To ensure directors are both knowledgeable of and well-positioned in an effective and appropriate governance system
- To provide education in all aspects of governance: behavioural, cultural, and structural
- To provide participants with a certification program that recognizes them as Professional Director®

- The skills and competence required to fulfill their roles as board members
- Excellent knowledge of the function of corporate governance and how it operates within their business, sector, and organizational structure
- Good knowledge of business finance and the tools and know-how to use financial information appropriately at the board level
- Good understanding of their own personal strengths and weaknesses and be able to continually develop themselves to meet their future needs

- Analyzing case studies
- Making use of a number of highly skilled faculty that include experienced Chairs, CEOs and board members
- Learning in board room behavior, culture, processes, and dynamics
- Taking the participant through a series of scenarios and decisions that affect the outcome of a proposed problem
- Playing the role of a director in a realistic boardroom practicum

Self-Paced: This format gives you maximum flexibility, convenience, and autonomy with zero pressure. Review course materials and complete assignments at your own speed, on your own time. When you’re ready, you’ll write the final exam. Learn more and get a free trial now.

Week-Long Intensive: Each intensive delivers an entire module’s content in five consecutive days, enabling you to earn full certification in only six non-consecutive weeks. Each day includes 90 minutes of virtual class time supplemented by videos and a case study, with quizzes between modules and a final exam at the end. Learn more.

Guided Cohort: Over 19 weeks, you’ll go through all six modules of the program, working together with the same cohort of peers. You’ll meet once a week for 90 minutes of virtual class time, supplemented by videos and a case study, with quizzes between modules and a final exam at the end. Learn more.

Module 1: Governance & Strategy

Expectations are extremely high for any board member. Meeting and exceeding them starts with fully understanding your fundamental role and the skills required to effectively keep your organization on track.  Learn more.

Module 2: Governance & Risk

As a board member, you have a legal responsibility to provide oversight and accountability for your organization. From risk oversight to effectively communicating results to shareholders, this module ensures you’re fully prepared to fulfill these roles as a board member. Learn more.

Module 3: Governance & People

People are your organization’s most important asset. This module will help you ensure board and management work together to lead more effectively. You’ll learn the essential role of the board in people management practices, such as overseeing the board’s relationship with the CEO, to succession planning, setting human resource policy, and the art of aligning CEO performance, evaluation, and compensation. Learn more.

Module 4: Governance & Board Effectiveness

Overseeing management is only the beginning. The best boards also work to optimize their own effectiveness. From building the optimal board and evaluating performance to optimizing meeting dynamics, you’ll learn how to make the most of your time in the boardroom.
Learn more.

Module 5: Governance & Resources

Financial literacy is a must for any board member. From key financial indicators and forecasting to variance and gap analysis, this module will show you how to use the financial statements to ensure your organization has wise, reasoned financial oversight and is fully resourced. Learn more.

Module 6: Governance Culture & Behaviour

Even the best governance structures can falter if the boardroom culture is unhealthy. This module will help you eliminate dysfunction in the boardroom and foster a constructive, engaged board dynamic that leads to healthy relationships, better decisions, and enhanced growth. Learn more.

Practicum Examination

Throughout the program, you will have an opportunity to evaluate your progress by completing online quizzes following each session.  Once you have completed the six core modules a comprehensive examination will be administered. Learn more.