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SELF-STUDY - Module 2: Governance & Risk

SELF-STUDY -  Module 2: Governance & Risk
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Module Two, entitled Governance and Risk, has been designed to ensure board members clearly understand their oversight roles, including oversight of resources, quality, risk and non-financial performance. In the context of fulfilling these oversight roles and responsibilities, participants will be able to ensure their boards are accountable to their shareholders and other stakeholders by being able to communicate results clearly, proactively, transparently and effectively. This module will further provide opportunities for participants to understand how to ensure alignment between their strategic role (content studied in Module One) and the oversight of performance results.

Learning Objectives

Successful participants of Module Two will have the ability to:

  • Oversee Management and Control of Resources
  • Measure the Organization’s Performance
  • Ensure Quality, Employee Health and Safety
  • Communicate: Two-Way and Proactively
  • Effectively Report— With Transparency, Clarity and Accountability
  • Lead through Understanding the Art of Culture and Leadership


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