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Practicum Examination

Practicum Examination
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Throughout the program you will have an opportunity to evaluate your progress by completing online quizzes following each session.  Once you have completed the four core modules (Modules 1 through 4) a comprehensive examination in the form of a practicum will be administered.  This exam is taken online and will include material from all modules of the program. It is required that each participant completes all 4 core modules of the program plus the practicum to be eligible to obtain certification.

Learning Objectives

Applying the Corporate Governance Solutions learned in the first 4 modules to a comprehensive case study practicum, participants will test their ability, in the context of a boardroom setting, to:

  • Determine the Optimal Strategy of a Large Scale Corporation
  • Decide on the Risk Governance Profile of a Corporate Strategy
  • Make Significant Decisions that will Affect 1000’s of People
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the CEO and the Board and the roles they play
  • Determine a Board’s Communication Strategy on a Significant Corporate Issue that has Wide-Ranging Consequences

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