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Getting Things Done For Your Municipality

Getting Things Done For Your Municipality
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The Professional Director Online Municipal Governance Education Program

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As a stand-alone, the Municipal Governance Education program is delivered in four sessions. 

SESSION ONE:  Balance Diverse Interests and Get Things Done for your Municipality 

  • Why do Municipalities exist? - Public Interest
  • What is a Fiduciary? - The Framework of Municipal Governance
  • What is the Purpose of Council? - Principal-Agent Theory as applied to Council
  • How does Council Set Direction? - Goals and Objectives for a Municipality

SESSION TWO: Monitor and Measure to Get Things Done for your Municipality

  • What Does Success Look Like in a Municipality? - Measuring Public Good
  • Risk and Opportunity? – 2 Sides of the Same Coin - Risk Oversight
  • Risk and Culture? - Reputational Risk, Council Culture

SESSION THREE: Optimize Human Effort to Get Things Done for your Municipality 

  • The “parent” relationship with Council’s one employee – Empowerment and Accountability, Delegation of Authority, Justice and Service
  • The “grandparent” relationship – Council and Staff
  • The Mayor and the CAO/Clerk – Special Relationship
  • Optimizing Meetings to Get Things Done – Public and Closed In-Camera Meetings
  • Optimizing Council to Get Things Done – Development, Evaluation,

Orientation, Education

SESSION FOUR:  Optimize Resources to Get Things Done for your Municipality

  • Municipal Planning and Development – Official Municipal Plan, Strategic Direction for the City/Municipality, Subsidiary Governance
  • Municipal Finance & Budgeting – Balancing diverse interests and meeting public good with limited resources in a sustainable way; Resource Allocation
  • Ethical Oversight – Financial and ethical policies, “Whistleblowing”, Councilor Confidentiality
  • Concluding Thoughts – Service, integrity, stewardship

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