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Rural Leadership: Level 1 - Governance Essentials

Rural Leadership: Level 1 - Governance Essentials
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This is an Online Course

Included in This Level ......


The 4 C’s of a Professional Director

Courage, Competence, Character, Calling

The Conceptual Model: "Why Do Boards Exist?"

Definition of Governance

Principals, Agents

Principal Agent Theory, Boards (Including Independence, Fiduciary Duty and The Helpless Child)

Roles and Responsibilities: "How Do Boards Fulfill These?"

The Role of the Board in Direction: Leadership & Stewardship; Core Board Tools for Direction

The Role of the Board in Control: Monitoring & Reporting; Core Board Tools for Control

Putting it All Together

Five Types of Boards: Why are there Different Kinds of Boards?

The Governance Journey:

1.      Operating Type Boards

2.      Intervening Type Boards

3.      Governing Type Boards

4.      Collaborating Type Boards

5.      Advisory Type Boards

The Governance Pendulum and “Wrong” Answers

Effective Meetings

Before, During and After Meetings

Board Meetings: Decision-making and Agendas


Forging Boardroom Relationships:

Purposeful Conversation; Character, Humility and the Circle of Trust; Framing the Conversation

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