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Guided Cohort - FALL

Guided Cohort - FALL
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It's time to hone your abilities to a razor’s edge and fully reach your LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL, optimizing your performance and adding even more value to your organization!

Most of us LEARN BETTER TOGETHER, so we all can use a little – or maybe even a lot – of encouragement. Who doesn’t want to build up their network, with deep relationships, in a small community learning environment?

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The Professional Director Certification Program® is an internationally recognized GOVERNANCE TRAINING PROGRAM that develops CORPORATE GOVERNANCE expertise by ensuring that board directors and leaders have the skills, knowledge, attitude, and capabilities to fully contribute to the pursuit of excellence.

In our GUIDED COHORT FORMAT, we meet LIVE (online) once a week – over 19 weeks – for 90min, every Thursday, at 3.30pm. At each session we discuss the educational videos and reading material that we covered as homework, as well as dive into case studies culled from real world organizations – and sometimes our own clients! (The names have been changed, of course, to protect the innocent, and the not so innocent.) 



Designed by the globally respected thought leaders at Governance Solutions, this comprehensive program lets you:

- Get the competence and confidence you need to be more effective in your boardroom.
- Earn an internationally-recognized governance designation in record time.
- Receive an excellent understanding of corporate governance and how it operates within your business, sector, and organizational structure.
- Get practical working knowledge of business finance with the tools and know-how to use financial information strategically at the board level.
- Gain deep awareness of your own personal strengths and weaknesses, and how you can add unique value in the boardroom.


Try an INTRODUCTORY CLASS before the Fall Guided Cohort starts - with no strings attached!

Choose a date:

August 3 – 1pm – Tuesday
August 5 – 7pm – Thursday
August 9 – 7pm – Monday
August 11 – 1pm – Wednesday
August 23 – 1pm – Monday

Content that reaches you: Access world-class, director education in an online environment – no travel and no hotels – from the safety and comfort of the chair that best suits you. In addition to content skillfully curated to meet the high expectations of today's boardroom, you also have direct live access to lead faculty – Dr. Debra Brown, David Brown, and Rob DeRooy –  as they teach, coach, and mentor you along the way.


I. A solid grasp of corporate governance – what it is, how it works, who does what, and where and how to draw the lines.
II. Clarity on the role of the board in strategy, risk, and performance oversight – know how to measure what matters.
III. The unbridled truth about the role of the board in overseeing the “soul of the organization”—the CEO and its people.
IV. Comfort and familiarity with business finance and the tools and know-how for using financial information at the board level.
Confidence in your own ability to succeed in the boardroom. 
V. Certification: The Professional Director Certification Program® is a hallmark of a “best practice” in today’s boardrooms. A governance certification is expected in most boardrooms and this program simplifies the process for you (it goes straight to the point, with highly trained professional). Get a high-quality and internationally recognized governance designation, in a short time, while you enjoy the process! You will be proud to call yourself a Professional Director®.


I. This is an online version of our recognized Professional Director Certification Program®.
II. Participants work through videos, reading, and case studies on their own time working toward specific deadlines – before the session.
III. Participants join our scheduled live online session with faculty and their peers, where they get their questions answered, take their part in interactive case studies, and deepen your network.
IV. Participants have direct access to Dr. Debra Brown, David Brown, and Rob DeRooy – the lead faculty in this intensive program.
V. There will be a test. After each module, participants can evaluate their progress by completing a quiz. Also, at the end of all 6 modules, they complete a final exam for the Professional Director Certification Program® designation.


The program consists of 6 separate modules.

MODULE 1: Governance and Strategy 

- Understand and fulfill the right roles and responsibilities of Board, Committees, the CEO and Executive.
- Establish a clear sense of purpose direction and priorities.
- Effectively oversee, monitor, and ensure the accomplishment of strategic objectives.
- Fulfil the Boards fiduciary duties.

MODULE 2: Governance and Risk

- Fulfill the role of the board in risk governance.
- Build the bridge between strategy and risk.
- Oversee management and control of resources.
- Set risk appetites and tolerances and measure the organization’s performance.
- Understand the role of the board in ESG.

MODULE 3: Governance and People

- Lead through difficult decisions and change.
- Ensure board and management function effectively together and make decisions wisely.
- Ensure accountability of the Board, Chair, Committees, CEO including succession, selection. delegation, evaluation, and compensation.
- Understand the impacts of leadership on the results of the organization.
- Oversee human resource policy and development.

MODULE 4: Governance and Board Effectiveness

- Ensure board effectiveness before, during, and after the meeting.
- Use in-camera and executive sessions appropriately and in a value-added way.
- Build the optimal board and encourage the best mix of board members including board renewal and profiling.
- Plan for board evaluations that enhance governance effectiveness.
- Build board and deep board orientation and onboarding programs.

MODULE 5: Governance and Resources

- Gain confidence that the budget aligns and resources the aspirations of the organization.
- Receive accurate, complete, and timely financial information at the board level.
- Effectively oversee procurement, programs, and projects of the organization.
- Evaluate and oversee the financial system.
- Provide value-added oversight of all corporate resources.

MODULE 6: Governance Culture and Behaviour

- Forge healthy boardroom behaviour.
- Frame and ask great board-level questions.
- Understand the implications and issues of director liability.
- Improving director engagement, performance, and boardroom behaviour through integrity.
- The character, courage, competence, and calling of board members.

GOVERNANCE SOLUTIONS COMMITMENT: Your satisfaction is essential for the success of this program. If you are not completely satisfied, Governance Solutions refunds your money.

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