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Structure and Details

Earn your Certificate in Governance for Rural Leaders online, at your own pace: as fast or slow as you want, but always at the speed your organization needs!

  • This program includes 8 self-paced levels and a final exam.
  • Each self-paced level includes instructional videos, reading material, and a quiz to show you’ve mastered the content. You’ll be given full access to this module’s materials from day one, with total freedom to review the content and complete the quiz at your own pace.
  • After completing all 8 modules you will receive a Governance for Rural Leaders Certificate.

In This Program

Level 1 | Governance Essentials

Level 2 | Guarding The Vision & Building Structure

Level 3 | Knowing Your Role & Leading The Way

Level 4 | Boardroom Culture & Behaviour

Level 5 | Financial Oversight

Level 6 | The Right People Doing The Right Things

Level 7 | Strategy & Risk

Level 8 | Succession & Evaluation