Continuing Education FAQ

As a Pro.Dir® graduate you know that continuing education is the key to personal and professional growth.
That’s why even after getting your designation, you are encouraged to never stop learning!

This is also why 30 hours of logged “continuing education”, within a three-year window, are necessary to maintain your designation.

Every time you attend a governance education event, or read a book or article, log your information at https://www.professionaldirector.com/prodir/students-alumni
(You will need to log in using your Professional Director credentials)

CE can include seminars, workshops, education programs (online, in person, certificate, non-certificate, single session/day, multiple sessions/days), reading (books, newsletters, articles), and writing (books and articles).

Applied boardroom time – such as boardroom meetings, reports, minutes, gatherings, etc. – does not count as CE.

While most governance-related education options are accepted as CE, (see above,) Governance Solutions does offer the following pre-approved content.

I. Governance Solutions free educational sessions:

Deepen your understanding of essential governance trends and insights with interactive free live education sessions, hosted by leading experts in governance.
Register for our upcoming free education event.

II. Governance Solutions' upcoming live programs:

Click here to view the full listing of programs available.

III. Governance Solutions' self-paced programs:

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IV. The Governance Community Membership Package:

A constant stream of relevant information that will keep you on courses to success in the boardroom. You will have access to our non-certificate course archives, re-watch the entire library of our free education sessions, and read the latest governance thinking with articles selected by Dr. Debra Brown, David Brown, and other Professional Director® faculty members.

Click here to read the full list of available content.

V. Governance Solutions Publication Library:

Click here and check out our books!

If you have any questions about your CE hours, CE rules, upcoming programs, or anything related to best practices in governance, please, contact us at registrar@professionaldirector.com