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Session Overview

In this free session, “Conceptual Model: Why Do Boards Exist”, you’ll learn the underpinnings of corporate governance, including:

  • The definition of governance
  • Why boards exist
  • The role of principal-agent theory in governance

Course Structure

This free session includes a collection of instructional videos, reading material and a quiz to show you’ve mastered the content. You’ll be given full access to this sessions materials from day one, with total freedom to review the content and complete the quiz at your own pace. After successfully completing this session, you’ll be one step closer to certification as a Professional Director®.

In This Program

M1 | Governance & Strategy

M2 | Governance & Risk

M3 | Governance & People

M4 | Governance & Board Effectiveness

M5 | Governance & Resources

M6 | Governance Culture & Behaviour